I have worn many hats and used many titles, sometimes at the same time, over my years in IT. Entrepreneur, owner, co-founder, management, programmer, administrator, maker, developer, are but a few. Startups make it so that the main programmer may need to sweep the floors! A good way to learn quickly under pressure. While my dotcom days may be decades away the current excitement in the blockchain world reminds me of the best parts of new ideas catching hold and reshaping industries. With so many title options I feel best calling myself a developer.

A developer can be a master puzzle solver. They work with the client and determine what they actually are after. Sometimes there is a clear vision to work with, other times it requires helping create that vision. A developer can be data oriented on determining the best solution that exists or is a close match that can be made to work. A developer can be professional, being crucial in the success of a product or service launch, or even to the entire company. Finally a developer can be creative, coming up with solutions that currently do not exist but they plan and implement and bring something new into existence.

Most of the time the behind the scenes work is not seen by the public, rarely even entirely by the client. They see the end result that works but don’t necessarily see the interconnection of all the bits to create something new. Admittedly most of the time a development project is a simple enough process with the normal pride of work with a job well done. Yet every now and then when things fall together you can get a moment of zen, being part of creating something truly original. Then again, perhaps my view of being a creative may be a little skewed towards my skillsets.