The office gang decided to celebrate Y2K at the office. While we were pretty sure the ISP and dotcom would handle the change, we thought we’d be on hand just in case. Bottles of sparkling juice were used while waiting to see if the lights stayed on. Thankfully no problems. So much for getting a week off of work due to the world going dark.

A few days later I was sitting at my desk working on the employee handbook and saw an unfinished bottle of sparkling grape juice. It had been left out but hey, it was carbonated, so should be fine to drink. A few hours later the food poisoning hit with fevers, chills and other unpleasantness. As I tossed and turned in bed my feverish thoughts were still working on the employee handbook. I would find a comfortable spot in bed and determine that was how the customer reps would have to sleep. The next comfy position was assigned to the sales staff.

When I dragged myself to the office once the fever broke, I was still tempted to actually put the sleep positions in the handbook. It’d be a perfect catbert sort of thing to do. Alas I was outvoted. Although decades later I still can’t stand the smell of grape juice without turning green.