Objective: Use my IT and management background to develop innovation.


Entrepreneur / Developer 2011-
Primarily Blockchain Oriented
Remote, in person as needed

  • Bitcoin user and dev since 2011
    (BitcoinTalk profile)
  • Wrote Ethereum smart contract dealing with NFTs with utility along with Web3 integration(NDA, Solidity, Web3, ERC20, ERC721, private ETH blockchain for testing)
  • Developed backend design for using blockchain for elections and logistical needs. Was brought in as a blockchain expert for the team. (2021).
  • Forked WAVES for custom fintech solution. (NDA, Ideation, Java / Scala, identification of all changes needed in the fork, lead a 4 person programming team over 2 months to implement)
  • Gamification of a dollar auction using various crypto coins. (Ideation, multiple blockchains, custodial wallets, HTML, Javascript. closed due to changing legal rules on what is defined as an exchange)
  • Coin swap for SHND switching the codebase from one blockchain to another to implement tokenomic changes. Moved 5 million wallets to the new chain allowing users to simply copy over their private key on their own machines to move to the new chain (HTML, Javascript, C++)
  • Developed Optional Coin Swap for SHND blockchain users to SHND Masternode blockchain. Burned all swapped SHND coins, a few million dollars in USD value, to reduce circulating supply. (HTML, Javascript, C++)
  • Developed web services to enable streaming of realtime sporting events with gamification. (Multicast streaming on Unix)
  • Built customized community site, growing to 100,000 users while involved. (Main developer, HTML, Javascript, mysql procedures, unix scripting, image manipulation)

Dowagiac, MI 1998-2010
President / Owner

  • Founded LocalLink to answer demand for Internet services for SouthWest Michigan.
  • Developed and rolled out Web based Customer Billing/Management/Authentication software for all LocalLink customers
  • Was involved in the day to day activities of all technology assets of a regional ISP
  • Was involved in the original setup and continued administration of all technology
    assets. Including LAMP, Radius, Email, Spam and Virus filtering.
  • Developed Windows configuration and branding software used by thousands of clients
  • Developed many custom web applications to meet diverse business needs
  • Continued custom development of applications and web services
  • Did business presentations to national business organizations

ComAuction, Inc.
Dowagiac, MI 1998-2001
President / co-Founder

  • Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2000 Michigan Finalist for founding and continued growth of ComAuction.
  • Runner up for PC Computing Best of the Best for Business Auctions, year 1999
  • An Original Co-Founder of ComAuction, 1998.
  • Involved in setup and backed programming of the web based, database driven business auction.
  • Programmed XML data exchange with partners
  • Wrote business plans and financial projections

Technical Skills

Operating Systems : BSD Variants, Linux, Windows, Mac, Solaris, SunOS,

Languages : HTML, Java, Javascript (ECMAScript), LPC, Perl, PHP, Bash / SH Scripting, Visual Basic, Solidity, Rust, C++

Services : AWS, IPFS, Arweave

Development Tools : Visual Studio, Remix, Basic Photoshop, Git, BitBucket, Slack, Asana

Misc : As a hobby, Co-lead developer for 15 years on a MUD (Multi User Dimension) ’95-2010. Text based multi player game with thousands of players over that time, allowing players to create and expand the game with a system of mentoring new programmers. It reached over 10,000+ “rooms”.

References available upon request